Day 1 – Molokai – Arrival 2-13-2020

We have arrived safely in Molokai after a smooth flight to Hawaii and then a very short flight to Molokai. It is our 36 wedding anniversary.

There are several possible meanings for the word Molokai. Molokai Aina Momona means “land of abundance.” Molokai Pule O’o means “powerful prayer” and Moloka’i Nui A Hina means “of the Goddess Hina.”

Molokia is known as the Friendly Isle. It is fifteen miles off the coast of Maui, and is a different world. The island is the most “Hawaiian” of the islands. Its population is less than 8,000 residents and is 260 square miles of mostly undeveloped land.

No building on the island can be taller than the coconut palms. Singapore-based Guoco Leisure Ltd put its 55,575 acre property up for sale at $260 million. That is 35% of the entire island’s land mass.

We are perhaps in a rooster reserve. It sounds like one anyway. They are up at 1:30 in the morning telling all of us that they run the place and are in control of all the hens. As always, the men make the most noise and the women do most of the work. I think it highly unlikely that the roosters are in control of anything. That’s probably why they make so much noise.

We shopped at the local market yesterday for our provisions. It is the perfect size for the community, I suppose. It is filled with many goodies and served our needs well. Just be careful with your shopping cart.

There may be little traffic on the streets, but the market can be a dangerous place with 20th century shopping carts going in all directions down 18th century isles. One of my cart’s wheels actually lost it’s tread as I made a sharp turn to miss a local woman out doing her shopping.

As I turned quickly to move out of her way, the tread came off of my left rear tire. Thankfully, I was going at a very slow speed and suffered no injuries as a result. I had no idea why my cart came to a halt all of a sudden. I looked down and noticed that the tread had gotten caught between the frame and the wheel. I kicked the tread as I pushed on and the matter was resolved without tools or a phone call to AAA.

We are at The Hotel Molokai. It is on the beach and the buildings are very interesting. We are on the second floor.

Our room, as in many tropical locations, has a high ceiling with a fan twirling above us. Each end of the second story of our room is screened in and covered in a wooden lattice which allows the gusting, tropical breeze to pass through.

We were concerned that we have no air conditioning as the temperature was 82 yesterday but the breeze has taken care of that. We actually had to get under the covers as the night passed.

Our room’s walls are made of wood slats and slanted in from the floor to the ceiling. We have a nice covered veranda. The ceiling is bowed lengthwise with the lowest point in the center of the room. It is made of wood as well. We have all the needed amenities, including a kitchenette. The room is huge and can sleep at least six. We are close to town and on the 450 highway.

There are only a few hotels on the island and most of the rooms are full.

If you are planning a Valentine wedding just remember this. Every year you celebrate, the hotels will all be full and the restaurants will have a fixed menu. It sounds cute at the time and it will help your husband remember the date, but it does have its draw backs.

There are no “fine dining” establishments on the island and we will have to make do with what is available, which is fine by us. We are not “foodies” and require no special treatment when traveling. I must go now.

There is a very animated rooster knocking at my door for some reason, and he is a very determined fellow.