Day 1 – Leaving for Molokai 2-13-2020

I am off to Molokai for a week’s vacation. From what, I cannot say.

We have been to the islands many times and find them relaxing and very interesting. This is our first trip to Molokai.

Did you know that they are the most isolated islands on the globe?

I will be working on a couple of things and doing research for Prelude to Rome. I have eight chapters done so far, but it gets more detailed and historically accurate from here on out, so I must learn a few hundred things.

I can’t bluff my way through this stuff.

Have you read any of Mark Twain’s novels? His novel, “Letters from Hawaii.” is very interesting and funny.

I plan on writing a few pages about the history of the Hawiian Islands while I’m there. No promises however.

I have read most of Twain’s writings, including the first volume of a book about his time living in Europe. Not for the faint hearted I must confess, but interesting in it’s own way.

It tells stories about his life there and where he lived and other mundane things that you may not be interested in.

I find it fascinating.

I have two books ready to go up on Goodreads and that will be happening soon.

They are “Kazu, son of Oshida Kamasaki” and ‘Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.” The editing is finally almost finished on Kazu. See my books page and read the first chapters of all my novels for free. I’m sure you will find something there that might interest you.

For a fun audio interview, listen to an interview I did with Brian Tells Stories: From Growing Up with Murderers, to Nepal & Travelling in North Korea

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my nonsense.

Be nice to each other.