February-2020 – Kindness

Relaxed and calm, be kind to all that you meet.

Do you hate someone for their beliefs?

I understand that if they believe in killing or harming people or countries through violence.

For the most part, most people’s beliefs are just as important and valid as your own.

Are you right all of the time. Let me ask your wife or husband, please.

If you think you are right all of the time or most of the time let just say that’s nonsense. You might need professional help.

Why aren’t you able to separate a person’s beliefs from the person anymore.

I know that there are evil and awful people in the world, but most of the time we don’t deal with them. We deal with people who have different religions, cultures and political ideas or opinions.

I don’t hate Bernie Sanders for his beliefs. They may be and probably are on the end of the extreme and not in line with mine, but I don’t hate him. I just dislike the ideas, not the man or woman.

Our last president wasn’t my first choice, but he won the election. I supported him because he was elected by my fellow citizens and he had the opportunity to make our country better.

The election turned out the way it did and so we went on.

For some reason there are always the outliers who take it too far and make fools of themselves at best. Now we seem to be seeing our country fall into chaos because the “media” is eager to bring those pictures and information of discord to us more often.

The real question is CAN OUR DEMOCRACY SURVIVE the media’s bias and hatred of those of us who may not agree with them all of the time.

Their job is to report the news, not to mold it and make it follow their ideological script or drive it down our throats.

Just remember how they always talk about our presidents on the right. They are always presented as being stupid, clumsy and uncouth.

I will vote with my remote like many others already have and seek-out the many other sources of news and information that hopefully will at least be closer to neutral.

I recommend news programs from other countries if you can find them. I find that the BBC, Japanese network NHK and Chineses news and cultural programming interesting and full of stories that I am interested in.They also follow our news stories.

I think a different perspective is always helpful.

Hate takes too much time and energy from my daily life. I have other things to do than to hate people who disagree with me.

I think I would be very busy if I did that.