Your country – 2020 -The New Way Forward – Beware bill

Do you want to allow everyone in the world to come into your country without knowing who they are?

Check out The New Way Forward bill being pushed by the Democrats now.

Do you want to pay for their free health care, housing, education and every other need they have?

Check out the New Way Forward bill now. Read it and be aware of what the Democrats are trying to do.

Can our country afford this? That really means can you afford to do that for all of the people in the world who wish to come to our country because you will pay the bills, including the worst of the worst. Convicted criminals are eligible to return and we will pay for their airfare.

Don’t believe me? Read the New Way Forward bill.

Would you rather take care of your own first? Does that make you a bad person?

Why should you let anyone come into your country to take the jobs that you and your neighbors could and should have and do?

What about our safety from criminals with no respect for our culture or laws.

The wealth of a country is not limitless, no country could afford this.

Could any country afford this?

Whatever country you live in, ask yourself these questions and then vote accordingly.

We support many children around the world and think that educating people in their own country is the best way to solve a country’s problems. Yes, it takes time.

It is the only way to improve the world, however. It is difficult and will take a long time, but letting millions of people, including criminals of the worst order, into your country who have no desire to learn your language, work, or assimilate is not the answer.

America is proof that immigration can work, but it must be done through legal means and learning the language and supporting oneself is a necessity.

That’s how it was done in the early 1900’s. People were supported by their family members and they learned the language as rapidly as possible. There was little public aid given to anyone. Read up on our history if you don’t believe me.

If you come to another country and don’t want to work or assimilate why should you be allowed in?

What are you offering to that country?