June, 10, 2020 – “Dreams of Costa Rica”

Dreams of Costa Rica is an interesting novel about my uncle who moved to Costa Rica just before WW ll.

I have a couple of ideas why he moved there, but I’m not sure what might be true.

He made a life for himself there while working in the tuna canning industry.

This is a fictionalized version of some of his exploits that I was made aware of by my mother, his sister.

I only met him once, when I was about nine or ten years of age. It was an interesting experience.

He was covered in bruises, scrapes and scabs. He said the he had come across some rustlers on his ranch and was out numbered and beaten badly by them and perhaps left for dead.

I quote what he said here. “When I get back home, my men and I will find them and they will never walk again.”

I’m not sure what he meant by that but I guess we can all use our imagination.

He was in Costa Rica during the revolution and was tossed in jail for a time. He had his ranch and a grand hotel in San Jose to keep him busy.

My grandfather visited him there a few times and died there on a visit. My grandfather is buried somewhere in San Jose.

My uncle was not a perfect man. He enjoyed the company of lovely women, as we men often do, and he was always ready for a drink and the trouble that might come after.

In my uncle’s time, most everyone wore side arms out in the countryside and anything might happen at any moment.

Pick up this book for a quick read and get ready for an action filled adventure of the first order.

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