June 10, 2020 – Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.

This book is a fast paced spy thriller happening in the U.S. and Italy in the 1990’s.

The war is going strong in Afghanistan and plenty of intrigue and spying is going on in Southern Europe.

The North Koreans, the Russians and the Iranians are looking to stir things up and put pressure on America.

Ernie is a retried professor from Georgetown while his only living relative, his grandson, is finishing up his degree there.

They are very close and see each other often since Ernie has raised Bobby since his parents were killed in a car accident, many years ago.

What will Bobby discover about Ernie when Ernie has to go into the hospital and Bobby is left to snoop in Ernie’s house, library and private papers?

Come along and find out.

Who is the lady in “red?”

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