Jan. 24, 2022 – Are you working hard enough to make your dreams come true?

I am already wealthy beyond measure. I have a wonderful wife and a son. We are all healthy and living decent and productive lives.

I want to create more wealth to help my family and others.

We are not “wealthy”in financial terms, but we do give back and help those that we can. It is the obligation of those with money to help others.

People with very limited financial resources are barely able to survive, let alone help other poor or unfortunate people.

That is the job of those of us who are able. The government is awful at most things that it tries to do. It is wasteful and heartless.

I worked for very wealthy people, often. Many were genuine and decent people. Some were jerks. That’s life.

Money doesn’t make one a jerk. That person was probably a jerk before they had money.

Very few poor people gave me work as a contractor. The wealthy with several homes to keep up or apartment buildings in need of repair were my customers for the most part.

Do not curse the wealthy. They have homes that need to be painted, yards that need to be maintained, meals that need to be made, yachts that need to be worked on and if they have a jet or helicopter, you can bet that there is a middle class pilot and mechanic or two keeping them in good order.

The more money a person has, the more people he will employ and have work for.

I have worked as a shoeshine boy, a waiter, a gardener, a janitor after my regular job at night, a plasterer’s apprentice, a tile setter and finally a plasterer, and contractor.

Life is a long journey if you are lucky. You will probably have many jobs and work yourself up the ladder to success if you work hard and remain pleasant and honest.

Being pleasant and honest are the most import attributes that one can possess.

I want to become more wealthy so I can hire more people to take care of my many toys and my future mansions and properties.

Are you working hard enough to make your dreams come true? That is your job!!

Then and only then will you have the resources to help others.

I will not be stopped by silly people who think the rich do not help our society.

Please do some reading about who pays the majority of taxes in this country and who helps those in need, the most.

We should all strive to be able to help others. Becoming wealthy is one way to be able to do that.

If you fail at your dream but gave it your best effort, you will sleep well at night and not wonder what you could have been. If you don’t have a dream, make one up and make it a good one.

If you aren’t where you want to be, go back to school, work harder and do not give up.

There is no other choice if you want be a to success.