Friday – May 31, 2024 – Chapter Thirty – Three “The Bad Seed”

Jay came back to his stool and sat quietly. He had no need to intervene. He just looked down into his drink. Then the noise started from back in Sam’s office. The man next to Sam listened intently for a few minutes. He then got up and headed for Sam’s office.

At that moment, the two men following Loretta came in through the front door and the back door at the same time. The man next to Jay sat back down. He know who these men were. He had no desire to get in their way. He looked down into his beer and waited for what might come next. he hjad o idea what that might be.

Jay and the other man could both here loud arguing and what seemed to sound like flying furniture hitting thick walls. Sam’s girl friend came running out of the office in a hurry after a few moments. She was bleeding from her nose and her hair was in disarray. Her blouse was torn and she held her shoes in her hands as she ran for the front door of Oscar’s.

Back in the office, Sam sat behind his desk with his brother in law’s hand on his shoulder. Loretta was seated in another chair across the room. She was being held by her nephew, Carlos.

Her uncle Leon spoke while looking at Sam. “We have talked with your father in law. He is tired of this uproar in his business here. He as made some difficult decisions.” His gaze shifted to Loretta. “Sam is no longer in charge. You will take his place, with your nephew’s council. That has been decided.”

Sam looked as if he might speak but his brother in law made it clear that he needn’t, with a stern glare. “All we need to do is decide what will happen to Sam. Do you have any suggestions, Loretta?”

“I have several. But right now may not be the best time to ask me. I am very upset and may let my anger cloud my thinking. Loretta’s brother in law was impressed and relieved. He knew that at the moment Loretta could have easily decided that Sam should take a one way trip into the desert like so many of Sam’s adversaries had.

He had hoped that he didn’t have to kill Sam. He liked Sam even though he was hard headed and sometimes unwilling to follow his father in law, Tony’s, instructions. He had no problem killing Sam, but he would rather not. It would leave a bad impression on Sam’s children if they ever found out and he didn’t want that. This was a long running family business and that type of thing could cause serious problems down the road.

Sam, You will ride back to your house with me. Loretta, you will go with Carlos. Leon looked at Loretta. You and Sam will be moving out to that ranch outside of town from now on. “What ranch?” Loretta asked.

Your father has purchased a place not far from here in a secluded area far from the road. It has a private runway and no neighbors for miles around. It will be a perfect spot for you to run operations. Your house will go up for sale as soon as you have vacated it. That will start tomorrow.

We have heard that your neighbors have grown suspicious of you and no longer wish you to live here. There have been calls to the police as well. We don’t want any of them to cause us more problems than they already have.

After ten minutes, Sam and Loretta, accompanied by the two men, came out of the office. Sam looked like he had been in a fight. His face was red in a few places and his tie was askew. He looked nervous as he went out the front door with the older of the two men behind him.

Loretta looked pleased with herself as the younger man followed her outside. Susan saw Loretta get into the rental car with a young man and Sam get into his car with an older man.

Jay waited a few minutes before he finished his beer and then walked back to Susan’s office. The man next to him remained seated.

Jay waited for the light to change, walked across the wide, warm street and was soon seated across from Susan, a fresh drink in his hand. “What the hell happened in there Jay?” “I’m not sure, but whatever it was made Loretta very pleased with herself. Sam looked a little down hearted, to say the least.” “Yes and that other woman ran out of there like her skirt was on fire Jay.” “That was Sam’s girlfriend, Susan.” “She can run pretty well for a girl Jay.”

“The women meet this evening for perhaps the first and last time. Let me say that it didn’t go very well for the girl friend. I think Loretta got the best of her. I could hear the noise out in the bar over the music.” “What do you think the outcome of this is going to be Jay?” “I’m not sure, but Sam may be out of a job Susan. He has a few very serious charges against him and some of his men are in jail as well. One being is being held for murder and Sam and the other may be charged with accessory after the fact, possession of a gun and a few other charges that escape me at the moment. Oh yes, and there was the drug deal as well. There’s no way his bosses can keep him on the payroll here. He has to be eliminated or taken out of the country.”

Things are going to change here and soon, as far as I can tell.”

Headlights splashed through the sliding door and into the room around Susan and Jay. Susan and Jay heard a door close. Susan reached for her purse. David entered the office after parking in front of Susan’s office. Susan put whatever it was in her hand, back in the purse.

“What did I miss guys?” “Perhaps the fight of the century David, but only Sam knows what really happened for sure and he’s not talking to us, yet.

I want you back over there at Sam’s house bright and early tomorrow David. I want to know what’s happening there.” “Sure Jay. I think I need a drink and I know I need a bathroom break. It was hot out there and there was no place to relieve myself. Give me a few minutes please.”

David walked to the back corner of the office to the bathroom while Susan dug a beer out of the refrigerator. “I’ll come out there in the afternoon to take your place David. I didn’t think about that issue. Sorry,” Jay said loudly so David could hear him. “Thanks Jay, I would appreciate that more than you might know,” David said from inside the restroom.

“I don’t think David wants anymore Scotch Jay. Let’s finish the little that’s left ourselves to celebrate.” “That’s a good idea Susan, but I think you drank most of it already.” “No problem Jay, I’ll share the little that’s left with you for what might come next.”

__________ ___________ ______________

It looks like Jay’s plan just might work. We’ll find out more tomorrow.