Sailing Away

UPDATE:  May 12 -The second book of the Smith Family saga, Sailing Away, is now complete!

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It is an interesting tale of 18th century sailing life and of a voyage through the Mediterranean Sea, down the west coast of Africa to the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Colony and back to London, hopefully.

Sam is on the adventure of his life.

Where is Ralph, his older, best friend and well traveled sailor, when he needs him the most? What will happen next? What will Sam learn about Ralph’s life and the parts of the world that he is seeing for the very first time?

There are letters sent home to Sam’s family throughout the book, and you will find out what is happening in Themstead, Sam’s hometown, as Sam fulfills his dream of becoming a sailor.

There will be some true history of the ports of call brought into the book which some of you may find interesting. Two more books are in the works.

All of my books can be read as stand alone novels and you can follow the paths of all of the Smiths as they all find their places in the world.

The Adventures of “The Smith Family” is the first book of the saga.

My other novels are “Atlanta,” a strange detective novel, “Kazu, son of Oshida Kamasaki,” a story of war and romance in an ancient asian land, “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets,” a spy novel taking place in Rome and full of current political intrigue. “Dreams of Costa Rica,” is a novel about a young man leaving North America to get a second chance at life, only to find out that it isn’t that easy to escape from himself and his behavior in a strange South American country.

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