The secrets to becoming wealthy

Do you envy those with money and power? Why not become one instead? Very few people in America inherit wealth. Contrary from you might have heard, it is a very small percentage. Becoming wealthy is very simple.

Go to work everyday that you are supposed to and be the best employee possible. No boss will fire a person who does a good job, has a good attitude, and is worth what he is being paid.

Think ahead a little and put a few dollars away for your retirement every month. It doesn’t have to be much. Time and compounding interest will take care of the rest. You will be old one day if you are lucky. If you had around ten thousand dollars put aside by the time that you were thirty, you will be in good shape. If you could save thirty percent of your income, that would be even better. There are several plans available to get most employees started.

If you don’t take advantage of them, then that’s on you. Don’t blame “the man.” “The man” owes you nothing. If you don’t play your part in this free market economy, then you are to blame.

If you make your self valuable by being a great employee, you will have a great career. Why would any boss fire a great employee who makes him or her money. Think about this for a minute.

Do you come in late and in a sour mood? Who wants to see that every day? There are hundreds of thousands of pleasant people out there looking for work. Why would a boss hire an unpleasant jerk. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I have hired a few people in my day, and attitude makes up for skill. Most people can be trained in a field of endeavor, but a jerk is a jerk. That has been my experience. Complainers are seldom good employees. They bring down the morale of others and are a drag to be around.

I worked for myself after ten years of apprenticeship under my father. We had nothing but the desire to become successful. Our time and effort were rewarded after MANY years of hard work. We built a small business from nothing and kept it alive for over forty years.

It is easy to be successful. Work hard, be dependable, and keep your word. Be personable so that you can get a chance to show your clients what you know.

Every business is the same. Show up on time, do good work or even better, do the best work in your field, and charge a fair price. How complicated is that. If you are a gardener, be the best gardener you can be and I will guarantee that you will be a success.

If you save some of your money for retirement, you will become wealthy along the way.

Look up the percentage of people who were born into wealth. The number is very low. Besides, their wealth has nothing to do with yours. Don’t complain about your lot in life. Change it. Work harder and smarter. It’s never too late to go back to school to learn a trade or to learn something that will make you a more valuable employee.

The easiest way to stay poor is to have children out of wedlock and without¬† partner. Sorry, that’s just a fact. Bad decisions lead to bad results. Read a book instead of partying. Just a thought.

In time, after lots of hard work and disappointment, you might even have enough knowledge to start your own business. It costs very little to start most businesses. If you saved some money along the way and looked into the future instead of just looking to Friday and a good time, you might have a chance to become wealthy.

It IS all up to you. Life isn’t easy. No one promised us that. But it can be very good if you take the time to think and plan. Mark Twain said, “Thank goodness for all of the fools. They make my life easier.” Don’t be a fool.

Take a few chances along the way. Most of my clients weren’t wealthy. But those who were, had worked hard, didn’t grumble, saved some of their money and took some chances in life. Realestate is a great choice for a working man or woman. It can be done on less money than you think.

Or you can stay poor and grumble that no one has given you a chance. What do you bring to the table? A good attitude and showing up on time will make you rich in time if you use your talents and your energy to help others.

It is impossible to fail if you do these simple things.