The travel bug

Photo: Flying around Mt. Everest on Buddha Air!

I am sixty-seven years old.

I think that I am in pretty good shape if not a little over weight. I had a very physical job that helped me stay fit and limber to some degree.

I meet people fairly often who don’t care to travel and I’m alright with that. It’s their choice after all, but come on.

Is it that difficult to get on a cruise ship and take a few weeks of R and R?

It is down right cheap in some cases. I have seen cruises here in the United States for $79.00 per day. That’s cheaper than you can rent a hotel room for and it includes all the food that you might want to eat.

I have been to many places, but when I look at the world map showing all of my trips and the places that I have seen, it is just a mere fragment of what the world has to offer.

We are all going to slide off of this mortal coil at some point.

Do you want to kick off in front of the television in an old folks home with a bunch of old people sitting around you trying to figure out where the heck and who the heck they are?

I’d rather not, thank you very much.

I don’t understand people my age who are so worn down that a flight to London or Paris is too much effort.

Obviously, money and health are sometimes a factor.

But if I have the money to do it, I’d rather die on a fine vacation than sitting on my sofa drooling on myself. I could do that in Paris in a lovely park or in Italy for heavens sake.

If you see an old goof sitting in the park looking lost and incoherent, it might be me on one of my last vacations. Don’t be shy. Say hello to me and I will speak to you and tell of my adventures if I have enough sense left to formulate a sentence.

I have always liked being out of doors rather than in the house. A tennis shirt, shorts and tennis shoes is my outfit of choice.

If you see an old guy sitting in the park dressed like that and it’s raining cats and dogs, don’t worry or be afraid.

I’m just on vacation.