Nov.11, 2019-Kazu,Son of Osheda Kamasaki

It’s a cool cloudy morning here in the small craft harbor where I have lived for many years. I have lived here for 37 years and loved every minute of it.

It can be noisy from from people partying and not behaving at their best after drinking too much. The seabirds screaming and careening around my small, waterside patio and their diving for their breakfast in the cold water, as I make mine can be noisy as well.

I never grow tired of it and I will never forget how hard my wife and I had to work to get and to remain here. It wasn’t easy.

Now in the fall of my life I can relax and do things other than work and worry.

I always was a writer, just never for a living. I love to dream up people and circumstances and watch what happens in their lives. I never know what will happen in my character’s story and take the ride along with those of you that read my tales.

I will put up part of the first chapter of “Kazu, Son of Osheda Kamasaki when I get back from my tennis match this morning.

I think you might get the wrong idea about who I am by what I have just told you about my life in the last few sentences.

My siblings and I grew up in the rougher part of town with little prospect for the future and the lives that we now live.

We lived in a small trailer and moved from town to town as my father found work in the construction of houses after WWII.

When we finally did get the chance to settle down in one spot for awhile. It was in a pretty poor and rough area.

We stayed there for almost nine years as my father tried to make a go of the restaurant business. He did a pretty good job of it by the way.

I never wore a suite to work. My outfit was a pair of white Levis and a grey “T” shirt.

I was self employed my entire live other than when I worked for my father and “learned the ropes.” Think about sailing and you will gain a new insight into that little saying.

Come back after lunch, U.S. time, and read some of my little story about Kazu.

See you later!