November 15, 2019 – Kazu

It is 10:50 Am in California.

I write for five or six hours everyday. I know that sounds like a lot, but I enjoy it very much.

I have finally figured out my process.

First I sit down and write a book.

No outline, no characters and no story. I just begin. I can’t explain it so I won’t try.

Then I reread the book hundreds of times and ad more interesting things to it as I go along.

I guess that first book is the outline.

Then I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until I am sick of the whole thing and leave it to rest for a few weeks or months.

Then I revisit it and do the same thing over again. Sounds like fun, I know.

Any way, I think that is my process and that is what I am doing currently to Kazu.

I am adding many pages of dialog to it as well as more detail in the war scenes.

I think it will be a more interesting story.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and remember we are all different and our differences make us all the more interesting.

Be careful out there in the cold, cruel world and come back to read more of my stories when you have the time.