Christmas Past – Dec.23, 2019

I want to wish all of you out there in the cold, cruel world a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

I was raised with Christmas, but due to our family business and circumstances beyond my control as a child, those days weren’t always happy ones.

I have been married to a wonderful Jewish woman for thirty six years and we have Hanukkah at our home for her entire family.

They welcomed my son and I into the family with open arms and have been great over the many years that we have been together.

Having difficult times in life provides you with a chance to see what you are made of and to develop the skills needed to survive.

If your life is too comfortable, you will not develop those skills to the level that the world will require of you.

I revel in the hard times that came my way as a youth and as an adult. There were plenty and they were varied.

Family relationships are complicated at best and sometimes can become difficult. Business success and failures are often out of our control and yet we must deal with them as best we can.

I have struggled like most, with all of the issues that befall humanity. However painful it is at the time, remember that if you survive, you will be stronger.

You are most likely responsible for the survival and the happiness of many people in your life. You have no choice but to go on and face all that comes your way. You cannot forsake them because of your personal weaknesses. You agreed to take care of them as long as needed.

If you are over whelmed, get help. If you are using drugs or alcohol as a crutch, get help.

Talk to your spouse or your closest family or friends and reveal your fears to them. They will be more than happy to help. We have all been down this road.

Don’t try to survive on your own, and don’t be a baby.

This world is a tough place and we all have or will face hard times. The hard times will pass. If you do the right thing and persevere, you will live to see the good times return.

Do not waste this one chance you have at life. Dream big and fail big. Failure and pain are the best teachers sometimes.

Do not chicken out and leave us without a fight!