Prelude to Rome-Jan.19,2020

I am making good progress on Prelude to Rome.

It Starts in 1940 or so with a conversation between two WWI veterans.

One is Ernie Wilson’s grandfather. The other man is his best friend. They fought together in the “Great War.”

They are discussing the future of William Wilson. He is Ernie’s father and in his last days of college at Georgetown.

The family lives nearby in the family home which has stood and housed the Wilson family for generations.

William has just graduated from the university as most of his family has and is now entering bootcamp at Quantico, Virginia.

He has an inkling about his father’s past and has been told to expect someone to contact him with some news about his future soon. He doesn’t know who or why, but neither do I.

I am on another adventure with a group of new imaginary friends.

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