Day 4 – Big Wind Kite Factory 2-16-2020

We drove west across the island to the Big Wind Kite Factory. We thought me might find a gift for a cousin.

As always, I find interesting stores and shops are run by even more interesting people. Jonathan and Daphne run the store together.

Jonathan is a man in his early eighties. His wife is decades younger.

They have traveled to many interesting places for business and pleasure and have had some adventures.

I won’t tell you all his tales, but you need to put this on your list of places to come to when you come to visit Molokai. You can ask him about crossing the Ganges on the ferry when you see him.

Their phone number is 808 552 2364. They make their own kites and windsocks. There are many styles to choose from and they are very beautiful. They sell puzzles of many types and materials also.

There email is Their website is Their address is 120 Maunaloa HWY, P.O. Box 10 Maunaloa, Molokai, Hawaii, USA 96770

After we left there, we drove down to Papohaku Beach. It has a two mile stretch of white sand beach and is down past the golf course. Take the same turn as for the golf course.

This place is beautiful but don’t go into the water. Some of the waves break on a lava shelf or on the high rock cliffs. There are bathrooms there and a picnic ground. There is ample parking.

It started sprinkling as we headed back to our hotel but the views remained wide and beautiful. There were wisps of rain, clear skies and clouds off in the near distance. Sheets of rain were falling over the ocean.

We had to stop a couple of times for my wife to take a few more photos.

We were lucky and got home without a problem with the rain.