Day 5 Murphy’s Beach and dinner at the hotel Molokai 2-17-2020

We slept in again today. We are on Molokai time now.

We took the 450 east again down to Murphy’s beach. We drive like the locals now, 35 miles an hour or less.

The drive was wonderful with all of the lush green jungle around us and the mountains in the distance. Of course, the endless ocean is the best feature of the winding drive, off to our right.

It is Presidents Day, the schools are closed. There are a few families here on the sand but its far from crowded. There are perhaps twenty people on the entire beach. It is a long arched bay with a deep beach surrounded by trees and a bluff on the east side. The lave rock is black and there are many walls on the island made of it.

The sand is soft and I think we sink deeper in it here than at home. The islands of Maui and Lani are out in the distance, one set before the other to the south. I found old bits of corral just under the surface of the sand as I dug in it.

There are large, thundering breakers off in the distance beyond the breakwater. I can’t but wonder about those brave people who came here to live in the distant past from the south seas. It had to have been a difficult journey.

We are eating here at our hotel tonight. It is supposed to be a very good restaurant. We will let you know later.

The food was excellent.

We sat at our table on the edge of the beach and watched the sunset.

Our waitress was very pleasant. I ordered what turned out to be too much food, the portions are on the large side. I took home my left overs and had part of them for diner last night. I still have enough left over for dinner tonight.

We enjoyed the entertainment. It was a man playing the guitar and singing pleasant Hawaiian songs.

I have been to many countries and have experienced many levels of comfort and safety. This hotel is very clean and comfortable. The internet works and we have a television to keep up with the news of the world.

In some places we have had few inconveniences and could not leave our room at night due to lions or other unfriendly creatures lurking nearby. That is not the case here.

The Hotel Molokai has been a very good experience.