Day 4 – Driving to the West 2-16-2020

We went up to the Meyer Sugar Mill and Museum yesterday after the Macadamia nut adventure. We also walked over to the cemetery. Do you know the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?

Getting around on this island is very easy. Question, what do you call three cars in a row here? Answer, the morning traffic jam. I do understand the desire to stem development.

I have heard mention that we are going east today looking for a nice beach. Fine by me. The landscapes are beautiful here and the drive is going to be very pleasant, I’m sure. I’m not going to be able to drive at home any longer. The top speed around here seems to be 45, which is plenty. When I get home and have to drive, I will be freaked out.

Today is Sunday and something interesting as happened. There’s a new rooster checked in at this fine hotel and he is either a rooster pastor or a genius.

All the roosters I’ve met so far, and believe when I tell you that I have met plenty here, have a very limited vocabulary.

The ones under my front entry and the one on the back veranda are only interested in short, three syllable monologs. “Hey, happy birthday,” “What’s your problem,” the tired and out of date “happy New Year,”or the ever important, “Where is she.” That last one seems to be the most common, by the way.

This morning I heard a rooster coming into town blabbing like a nanny goat. He was hooting and hollering in long colorful sentences. I thought that I was near a new saloon at first, but then it struck me as all the roosters and hens answered back with a warm welcome.

I figured it must be a wandering rooster minister. He went on and on as ministers do and didn’t say much of anything that I could figure out. Sound familiar?

It was interesting and almost pleasant compared to the tired repertoire I had been listening for the last few days. That word repertoire is in there for all of my French friends visiting the island, by the way. Does it make you feel at home?

Anyway, as you might suspect by reading this, I’m in need of a little time away from my rooster friends. I’m starting to understand them and its a little worrisome.

I’m going to keep a sharper eye on them after what I heard this morning.

Fighting rooster are allowed to be raised here though “Cock fighting” is not permitted.