Danger – 2020

You may think we are thrill seekers if you read my travel blog. We are not.

We have been to many interesting and wild places. We are not in search of danger. But it will not stop our adventures.

We want to see every place possible in this short span of years we are given. We re not going to waste them in a rocking chair.

We do not live in fear either. We are living our lives to the fullest until our expiration date arrives.

Why aren’t you? You will be gone someday also! Sorry, just the facts here.

Are you afraid of the virus? The virus will come and then it will go. They come every year. Yes, this might be worse than others. We will see.

Fifty thousand Americans die in driving accidents every year. Have you stopped driving? Why not? Exactly!

You must always measure the pros and cons of all situations. If you think and worry too much you will do nothing. If you don’t think enough you will do foolish things. There has to be a balance.

We only pass this way once as far as I know. I refuse to waste my opportunity.

Will I become a great writer? Maybe. Will I fail? Perhaps. Nobody cares about my problems or yours anyway. Go for it before you run out of time!