May 28, 2021 – My thoughts on crime.

My parents worked most of the time as they had a large restaurant to operate and they never ran out of things to do there.

As children we were left unattended often and had some interesting adventures. My father had several guns.

When you carry cash late at night, they come in handy.

We were taught how to use them and not to be afraid of them. We never touched them unless my father was at hand.

I did some dumb things as a child at times, but survived. Life is about learning and surviving. Some people do bad things, however.

Once on the way home late at night, a nut tried to run us off the road and was harassing us. My father simply pulled his .45 long barrel revolver out of the holster under his seat and placed it up to his side window for the idiot to see.

He instantly drove off at a very high rate of speed. My father didn’t need to shoot his weapon. He just showed it. That can be just as powerful as using it.

There were 3,606 traffic deaths in California in 2019 according to Google. We don’t ban the ownership of cars or their use in California. Why not? If you use the same logic as many, we should all be walking.

The world in not a perfect place and neither are people. Some are evil and others are simply mentally ill. Many people are killed by forks or other household utensils. Should we only eat with our fingers?

One way to stop citizens from being injured is to put evil people in prison or jail as long as possible and as prescribed by our laws. Releasing felons early is only going to harm more innocent people.

Many criminals commit several crimes before they are caught. Some violent offenders may not be caught doing violent things. When they are, they should be placed in custody.

The police, sadly cannot prevent crimes as a rule. They come after we are harmed. We need to be able to protect ourselves. Owning a gun is one way.

I will gladly pay more in taxes to build more prisons to protect your family and mine. Why are we releasing criminals instead of locking more of them up for longer periods of time?

Poverty is not the reason for crime. Most people who are poor harm no one. Most of us start out with nothing and work to change that. Do you still remember that little nasty apartment you first lived in as a young adult? Did you go out and rob and harm people because your were broke? No.

Bad and evil people commit crimes. There should be consequences for harming others. Now that idea seems to be “old fashioned.”

Write your representatives in Congress and tell them what you want them to do. We are all responsible for each others safety.

Go to the website for the Heritage foundation for more info and statistics you won’t see in he mass media.