Marksmanship – 2018

My siblings and I had many cousins. One of our aunts had ten acres in Huntington Beach across from the Good Shepard Cemetery. She rented the land out to a farmer. One day several of our families along with many cousins were visiting at my aunt’s house. The kids were out watching the farmer plow the field on his giant tractor. I was probably six, so my brother was perhaps eleven or twelve. My brother found my fathers gun in the car and brought it out to play with, as boys will do. He put the pistol on a fence post and took aim at the farmer. We all watched in anticipation of what, I am not sure.

After some time, my brother turned around and the gun went off. Thankfully it was high above us smaller children and the round passed through my aunts beach shack of a house. The house was built of asbestos shingles and very thin drywall. The bullet passed through the entire house over all of the adults heads who were visiting.

My father came out and had a talk with my brother, I’m sure, though I remember little of that. The farmer remained unscathed and the house was just slightly damaged.

My father always carried or had a gun handy as we carried cash for our business most days. We often went out to the desert to shoot at bottles and cans and were all shown how to handle a weapon safely. Ignorance is a deadly thing. We also were shown how to use a bow. We never were injured or injured anyone else. That house was the only victim, thankfully.

If you don’t like guns, fine. Don’t try and put your fears about them on others. Do a little research and learn what hunters do for the wildlife in America. Read up on how many people are saved in their own homes by guns. No never hear much about that in the papers. Why is that do you suppose.

If you live in the big city and have a lifestyle not conducive to gun use, so be it. But don’t try to tell others who live elsewhere and in a different environment what to do or how to live their lives.

We are not all the same or want to be, thank goodness. If you haven’t traveled and seen what the world is really like away from North America, you should. You will be very surprised!