Italy and Granpa Ernie’s Secrets.

June, 2019 – My wife was in the US Navy many years ago. She was lucky enough to be stationed in Italy years before I met here. She loved living there. We have returned twice and taken several tours. We love Italy and her people.

But make no mistake. Rome did not conquer the world by being polite. The Italians are a warm crowd, but they do not suffer fools easily.

Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets begins the story of Ernie and his grandson Bobby. There is more history about Ernie than can be put in one book, however. I think another will follow in short order.

The new novel is finished now and on Amazon. It is free in the Lending Library on Kindle.

I think that you will find the twists and turns in this novel interesting and sometimes even funny, but remember, espionage is no laughing matter.

Who is the lady in Red, by the way?

Look for Judgement Day on Amazon now. A novella about a cop struggling to keep his sanity and his family together.

The new version of Granpa Ernie’s Secrets will be up on Amazon soon. Read a few chapters of all my novels for free on my web site in the December 2019 postings.

This square below is where some of the story takes place.

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This is where Ernie had the meeting with our embassy friend and learned of “the hit.”