Day- 4 – 2012 – Tulips and Windmills Arnhem, Paleis Het Loo & amp; Nijmegen

Old canal boat

April 21 – Day 4 – The ship docked in Arnhem during breakfast. We finished eating and then left for the Kroller-Muller Museum. There are more paintings of the masters to see as well as the floating sculptural works outside, done in black and white. The museum is settled in the forest and it is the perfect place to experience these paintings.

The ride by bus through the country side sets the mood for seeing some of the finest paintings in the world.

Let me tip my hat to the wealthy family that collected and put all of this art in a museum that they built at their own expense for us all to enjoy.

Private enterprise strikes again for the masses. Remember who built our libraries? Not the state. Carnegie put up the money, I believe.

The good old days.