Dec.7, 2019 “Sailing Away” is up on Amazon now.

“Sailing Away is an adventure that takes place on a voyage from London and through the Mediterranean sea with many stops. It then proceeds down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town.

It takes place in the late 1700’s.

The story is about a young man who has longed to go to sea for sometime. He is from the heartland of England and has come to London through a series of events revealed in the novel, “The Adventures of the Smith Family.”

The ship, the Ever Ready, stops in many towns on the Mediterranean coast. Some history of these cities is discussed and several adventures takes place in them with Sam and Ralph.

The ship stops in Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and other countries along the coast and in many places along the west coast of Africa before any countries were established yet.

If you live in the Mediterranean region or on the west coast of Africa, you might find this novel interesting reading.

The novel does touch on whaling and slavery among many other things.

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