March 3, 2021 – Africa

I want to thank all my new readers from Africa for coming to my site.

There are lots of stories and pictures from my travels on your continent, here to enjoy.

We have traveled to just six of your continents countries, but we will return.

Please don’t forget to look at my novels when you come to visit.

“Sailing Away” is a novel about a long ocean voyage in the 18th century, It is fun, exciting and a little educational.

The Ever Ready, an 18th century merchant ship, sails down the west coast of your continent and lands in some interesting and dangerous places along the way to pick up and drop off cargo of all kinds before and after reaching Cape Town Colony.

Will they arrive safely back in London?

Come along on the voyage of a lifetime and find out for yourself.

Don’t let this scare you. He’s just watching the girls.