June 12, 2022 – The Wedding in Wokingham

The wedding went off as expected. There was a hitch or two but that is to be expected when putting a grand event together like this one.

The guests arrived on time in their finery to show their support and respects.

The wedding was held in in a large meadow behind the great house. We were surrounded by sights and sounds of the English country side. Beautiful birds landed nearby looking for a snack.

The groom stood anxiously at the alter, waiting for his lovely bride. They have known each other for a few years now after meeting in school.

The bride arrived looking more beautiful than one could imagine. The service was as fun and interesting as one might expect when joining two families of different religions and practices together in a life long partnership.

The bride’s father officiated as he is a member of the clergy. What a great opportunity and gift for him.

We wish them great happiness in their marriage as they take this next step in their journey of a long and happy life together.

The meal was wonderful as was the band. The meal and party was held out in the rear in a very old and beautiful building.

The friends of the bride and groom danced until the wee hours of the morning as we all celebrated their union together.

We said our good-byes to those leaving tonight and we will do the same tomorrow to the bride and groom as we leave to visit more friends and family in the Great city of London.

The power just went out her in the hotel. Not surprising as the building is quit old and surely full of interesting electrical fixes and bugs put together over a few centuries. That might make for an even more interesting evening for all of us.

Thankfully everyone has had a fine meal. I am not as quick on my feet as I once was in case anyone might be looking for a snack of a middle aged American. I am middle aged if I live to be one hundred and forty.