June 13, 2022 – Leaving Wokingham

We left Wokingham behind us for Bushy after wishing our best to the new bride and groom.

We went to an Italian restaurant with more cousins and friends and visited over a fine meal.

After a long meal we were dropped off at the underground station and headed back to London. The underground is a great way to travel and a must to see and use. Get the Oyster card and load it up with some ponds at the wall mounted ticket machines nearby in all of the stations.

The next day we headed for Embankment station and went to meet a cousin who worked in the Parliament building for some time. She arranged a tour for us.

We sat in for a short time listening to the discussions of the day in both the House of Lords and the House of Commons and saw the wonderfully decorated chambers and ancient building.

We had a lengthy tour and saw many interesting things including the portraits of the former Prime Ministers.

The maintenance issues of this great building is a constant source of work against the elements and time and at a great cost to the taxpayers.

Some citizens want The House of Parliament torn down and replaced with new modern buildings which will cost less to maintain. If I had a vote I would vote no.

The buildings are a masterpiece and an irreplaceable part of London’s and the country’s history. They are beautiful and worth saving, no doubt.

We had diner tonight at the Two Chairman Pub.

It is a place where many of the members of Parliament come to drink and dine. They are followed close behind by the press. The reporters wait lurking in the dark shadows waiting for any information to emerge.

Both of these businesses are a difficult and nasty trade, but necessary, I suppose for a country’s success and growth. These creatures deserve to be stuck with each other.

I am sure that there are good people in both trades but I think a long walk on a short plank by most of them would improve the country a good deal.

That event would solve a few problems in one fell swoop.

Tomorrow is another day. We will be off to the War Rooms perhaps.