The Adventures of the Smith Family – June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019 – I hired an editor and she looked over this novel of mine. I have worked on it for the last five years while doing other novels that are shorter and easier to complete for any number of reasons.

My editor made some valuable comments and suggestions to think about. I did most of them and now the book is more interesting and exciting. The book is finished and will be up on Amazon after editing.

To the three people who read it, I say, come back and take a second look. I wanted to put my books up even before they were finished and edited so that you might learn about myself and my writing process. It also gives one a chance to meet the characters that come to visit me.

I think there is something here in my books for everybody to enjoy. They cover a wide range of topics, historical themes, ages and adventures.

Grandpa Ernie is being added to as well and it will be up soon in its final form. It is incomplete on Amazon and the first half was missing. That was a very important part of the book. I am almost done redoing it now and it should be up soon.

It is a fast paced spy story that crosses the Atlantic from Georgetown to Rome. The characters are interesting, and the story has a few twists and turns. Don’t take this story too seriously, and I think you will have a good time reading it. It is primarily about a family and their relationships.

There are some troubling political situations in it as it is a contemporary spy story involving the Russians, North Koreans and the Iranians just to mention a few of the parties involved.

Come along for a fun and interesting adventure. If you know the city of Rome, it will be especially interesting to you as much of the action takes place on its streets and avenues that you will recognize from your own trips there.

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